Beauty in you

It would seem that having your picture taken should be pretty easy, look at the camera, and smile…well let’s face it most of the time it could be that easy, except we are our own worst critics.  Is my hair falling properly? Does my makeup look good? Does this smile look natural? Maybe this arm should be here?  There are a thousand things we say to ourselves when we are getting our picture taken, and it all can make for a rather stressful situation.  As a photographer I am not immune to this, I can admit I’m my own worst critic while getting my photo taken, and after.  But it’s important to take control of those fears, and accept that most of us have them but we won’t let them deter us.  I am not a model, and I never will be, but I am perfectly me.  I have things about me that make me look different than others, but those are the things that make me the individual that I am.  Doing a glamour/boudoir shoot isn’t about replicating models in the magazines, it’s about taking photos that embellish on the beauty that is you.  During our glamour/boudoir shoot we will show you just how beautiful you can feel in your skin. 


Boudoir Photography misunderstood…join us for a BEAUTIFUL YOU SHOOT

When I mention to people that I am doing Boudoir photography I tend to get one of two responses. “Oh that’s awesome I’d love to do that” or “Oh, that’s not something I could ever do.”  I’m hoping that I can create a third response in people that are considering my services, which will be “Oh that sounds fun…maybe I should try that”.  If I could name the type of photography I’m doing these days I’d actually rather call it BEAUTIFUL YOU SHOOTS.  My goal is to use these Beautiful You Shoots to show every woman that comes in just how beautiful they are, just as they are.  The Perfect Boudoir woman is you! Our Beautiful You Shoots are personalized to accentuate your style and beauty, while also having fun!  This type of shoot can also be a fun idea to do with friends during a girls day out, or a bachelorette party.  Keep an open mind, and bring us your ideas.  Make up provided by Lip Gloss and Lashes. #CCPhotog19

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Why did I get into photography…


Whenever I talk to people about being a photographer I realize one common line always comes out of my mouth. “I do it because it’s a passion.” I’ve worked my fair share of day jobs which I had to work because my family needed the income, or because it was a step to furthering my career.  But I can honestly say I got into photography with no other intent other than to feed my creative spirit.  I always tell my husband that I’m so glad we both love the work we do, and we need to always feel fortunate about that.  I think being able to do something that is driven by passion is part of what makes me a great photographer.  Before every photo shoot I spend time reviewing poses, colours and themes because I consider every shoot to be a new piece of art.  It’s funny I used to do tons of art with my hands, pastel drawings, pencil drawings, oil paintings, but in my youth I never considered photography to be a form of art.  I used to see it as anyone could pick up a camera and take a picture.  True art is when you need to use your hands and eyes to create something.  Boy was I every wrong! A lot more goes into taking a brilliant photo then just point and shoot.  As soon as my hands touch my camera they are set to creative mode.  Just as I used to maneuver my fingers around the page with pastels, photography requires my fingers and my eyes to create a piece of art that captures a moment that can never again be replicated in the exact same way. I love it!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog page! I am so excited to be entering into the world of boudoir photography and am looking forward to sharing some amazing pictures with you.  I’m also really eager for spring to arrive so we can get into doing some beautiful cherry blossom photos.  Stay tuned for information on an up coming Boudoir Marathon! #CCPhotog19