Beauty in you

It would seem that having your picture taken should be pretty easy, look at the camera, and smile…well let’s face it most of the time it could be that easy, except we are our own worst critics.  Is my hair falling properly? Does my makeup look good? Does this smile look natural? Maybe this arm should be here?  There are a thousand things we say to ourselves when we are getting our picture taken, and it all can make for a rather stressful situation.  As a photographer I am not immune to this, I can admit I’m my own worst critic while getting my photo taken, and after.  But it’s important to take control of those fears, and accept that most of us have them but we won’t let them deter us.  I am not a model, and I never will be, but I am perfectly me.  I have things about me that make me look different than others, but those are the things that make me the individual that I am.  Doing a glamour/boudoir shoot isn’t about replicating models in the magazines, it’s about taking photos that embellish on the beauty that is you.  During our glamour/boudoir shoot we will show you just how beautiful you can feel in your skin. 


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