Boudoir Photography misunderstood…join us for a BEAUTIFUL YOU SHOOT

When I mention to people that I am doing Boudoir photography I tend to get one of two responses. “Oh that’s awesome I’d love to do that” or “Oh, that’s not something I could ever do.”  I’m hoping that I can create a third response in people that are considering my services, which will be “Oh that sounds fun…maybe I should try that”.  If I could name the type of photography I’m doing these days I’d actually rather call it BEAUTIFUL YOU SHOOTS.  My goal is to use these Beautiful You Shoots to show every woman that comes in just how beautiful they are, just as they are.  The Perfect Boudoir woman is you! Our Beautiful You Shoots are personalized to accentuate your style and beauty, while also having fun!  This type of shoot can also be a fun idea to do with friends during a girls day out, or a bachelorette party.  Keep an open mind, and bring us your ideas.  Make up provided by Lip Gloss and Lashes. #CCPhotog19

IMG_2973_2copyIMG_3018_2 copy

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