Why did I get into photography…


Whenever I talk to people about being a photographer I realize one common line always comes out of my mouth. “I do it because it’s a passion.” I’ve worked my fair share of day jobs which I had to work because my family needed the income, or because it was a step to furthering my career.  But I can honestly say I got into photography with no other intent other than to feed my creative spirit.  I always tell my husband that I’m so glad we both love the work we do, and we need to always feel fortunate about that.  I think being able to do something that is driven by passion is part of what makes me a great photographer.  Before every photo shoot I spend time reviewing poses, colours and themes because I consider every shoot to be a new piece of art.  It’s funny I used to do tons of art with my hands, pastel drawings, pencil drawings, oil paintings, but in my youth I never considered photography to be a form of art.  I used to see it as anyone could pick up a camera and take a picture.  True art is when you need to use your hands and eyes to create something.  Boy was I every wrong! A lot more goes into taking a brilliant photo then just point and shoot.  As soon as my hands touch my camera they are set to creative mode.  Just as I used to maneuver my fingers around the page with pastels, photography requires my fingers and my eyes to create a piece of art that captures a moment that can never again be replicated in the exact same way. I love it!

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