Christmas Minis were a hit!

Our Christmas Minis were a huge hit this year…we are very excited to offer the Valentine minis next.

Clients say –

Amanda and Camille held a weekend of boudoir photo shoots and my bestie and I took part. the moment the door was answered we were welcomed with huge smiles and an air of excitement . From the moment we signed up to the time we were being photographed , Camille walked us through the entire experience , offering suggestions and building up our anticipation! Amanda was so accommodating when I thought I wanted one look for photos but quickly changed my mind .. Multiple times . But she was so great at making sure I was comfortable with the look while ensuring that the makeup was done right for the lighting and effects we were going for. Camille was discreet and comforting and made you feel amazing when you weren’t sure if you really should be getting a photo done of you in your undies ! And most of all, it was just plain ol’ fun! im not a super sultry type of girl so she let me take it a bit silly at times. Thank you ladies for a great experience with my best friend ! We truly made a memory to last a lifetime and our hubbies will be floored with the finished product ! Big love

“Camille Currie Photography is my absolute favorite. she has a great eye and will absolutely capture the moment. I have done family and boudoir photos with her. She shows patience and her kind demeanor makes you feel at ease and natural. I highly recommend Camille Currie to anyone looking for The perfect shot. Her photos always impress” – Anonymous and pleased

“What can I say about these fabulous women . I walked in feeling a little overwhelmed but Camille and Amanda new exactly how to calm my nerves . The ladies just told me to relax And just go with it and fun. Both ladies were extremely professional and also treated me like we were old friends . The experience it self was good the make up made me feel like I was someone else just for a couple hours, the mimosa helped with my nerves. Camille was amazing talked me through the whole photo session . I just followed her direction and had some fun . Did many poses and laughed a lot. Was an amazing experience . Look forward to telling all my girl friends about these two amazing ladies.” – Anonymous and thrilled

Fear to Fabulous!

When I saw this beautiful mother the morning of her shoot her first words were,”OMG I was going to cancel, I’m not sure I can do this”. I told her she wouldn’t be my first, or last client to feel that way about a shoot.  Then I told her she would feel totally differently about it within a few minutes of shooting 🙂 After a couple minutes I showed her some of her shots and she exclaimed with total shock, “OMG I love it, I look fabulous.  Look at me!”  There is nothing else in photography that gives me the same kind of high as knowing I helped a woman see the true beauty she is. 🙂

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Book today, you deserve it!

A Glamour Shoot is about beauty!  It’s where we show off just how glamorous you are, as you are.  I’ve never had a lady regret doing a shoot, and they always leave feeling so great about themselves.  Book a shoot today, you deserve it!



It’s not just a shoot, it’s an experience.

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Testimonial from a client who part took in a Beautiful You Glamour Shoot.

If I had to describe my photo shoot with Amanda and Camille in one word it would be “wow”. I was very apprehensive about the entire shoot. Concerned about how my body would look in photographs after having two kids. Whenever I look in the mirror all I see are the flaws in my body, Camille and Amanda captured the beauty in it. I was completely stunned after seeing the photographs. They made me feel so incredibly beautiful!!! It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. They gave me confidence again that my body is beautiful. The entire day they both offered me words of encouragement and kindness. I never once felt uncomfortable, I felt as though we were friends sharing a fun morning. If your nervous about doing a shoot like this don’t be. These ladies are outstanding!!! They have the ability to capture both your inner and outer beauty in a photograph. You will not be sorry you chose these ladies to capture these intimate images of you. Thank you


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Yes, you are that beautiful!

I see these women as beautiful when I first meet them, I don’t need to look through a lens, I see it with my naked eye. Unfortunately many women don’t see themselves that way…So when my art can restore their confidence in themselves, and can prompt them to call themselves beautiful, well there’s really nothing better than that.  Every woman deserves to feel that way, and every woman should say, “Oh my god, I look beautiful!”. #CCPhotog19

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Different Looks

Amanda and I are really looking forward to doing some more boudoir shoots next week.  We had a great time with this beautiful mama who pulls of the sultry bad girl look oh so well.  I’m always thrilled to be able to show beautiful mothers that they’ve still got that oh so longed for look.  If you want to capture your sultry bad girl side we can help you with that, give us a shout.  Many thanks to the talent of Lip Gloss and Lashes for make up and hair services. #CCPhotog19

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